Asteroid the golden ball

Everyone in the world is born rich, everyone is a billionaire, not only your favorite business man or business woman or your favorite rapper or singer are only rich. We about to find out in a next few years after visit NASA is going to pay. NASA is looking at the asteroid the golden ball that can make everyone rich!

If the asteroid is to be brought to earth everyone is technically a billionaire right? according to the studies carried out, so that means if it could feed everyone to a billionaire, not everyone would want get up and go work, would they? Almost everyone would be getting up to their social media, snapping and posting their activities on social media. Having a billion in the bank, the money that's going to make more interest for it self just sitting in the bank, wow its amazing ain't it?

Social media will technically get huge and huge but would the Libra currency play a big part in the society if the golden ball has to be brought to the earth the answer we we don't know yet. Asteroid on planet that means they won't be any poor, everyone would manage smart phone to communicate and catch up of what's going around the globe, well I can't wait anticipate the feeling and experience of having such a huge amount in my account, maybe it will be the time to start travelling the world and enjoy the taste of another nations since I can't afford it at the moment, but I can already imagine ques flooding everywhere .

Asteroid is a heavy object sitting between Mars and Jupiter and is metallic material that can make almost everyone overcome their financial problem even though money isn't everything. The day NASA would bring it to earth social media is going go viral with the sharing pictures of the object and I am quite sure that social media is going to make a huge amount money before everyone get a peace.

Libra is born to make things easier but it seems they won't need for it since everyone could be a billionaire, but we all going to move money from point A to Z, really if everyone is that rich, well the answer we never know do we? so the currency might be bit handy at some point.


Our flashy social media idols would be wiped that means everyone would manage to buy LV, Gucci, Versace and Ferrari etc you name it and by the time they go back to the bank they would still have interest of probably more than they spent .

There's definitely going to be a social media break down,hell yes! because everyone would be enjoying the peace of cake (billion), would everyone want to go work?.Well I don't think so.

People would be able to easily influence each other to the negativity, everyone would be able to afford any of requirements and this might result in crime going up as everyone would have much time themselves and able to experiment any unnecessary actions.

Social media might get overpopulated as everyone would be logged in and busy fetching info; all that might slow down the service.

If everyone is rich would they be anyone willing to work up and go work, is the maintenance still be carried as they are now?. Well I don't think so as finding of the money machine has been of a sudden and threatening to overtake revolution of the robots taking over work from the human beings, well if everyone is a billionaire then we all can seat at home and the robots do the work which more understandable.


Would NASA dare share a slice to everyone to make them rich, rich from this money machine, or its going to invest it into the organisation, or hold some of it for the market to go up, the answer we don't really know.

Who would even have money to buy the expensive object?. Seven billion is the world estimated population and if we have to give each and everyone a billion, how much would that add up too and where that money would it be coming from, really?

The golden material will make the world economy subside because for the simple fact everyone would be rich and social media will not have workers maintain the the networks even if you like or not, unless if they have robots to that at the time the money machine is going to break.

The day the golden metal is going to be brought to earth and our economy is going to start receiving a massive dents, so as the social media; the great ways of communicating is going to start subsiding a little by little by the time we all going to release its going to be too late, ain't it?

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