Facebook Cryptocurrency:Libra

After a huge speculation the giant of social media has finally introduced its digital currency: Libra crytopcurrency. A non-profitable organisation to help billions of people to receive instant cash. It believes sending money should be fast and easy just like communicating trough the text.

The release of Libra cryptocurrency will mean that they won't be any charges if you need to transfer money from one person to another regardless where they are located considering you're staying within the family apps.

A lot of us have heard about crytopcurrency and probably never paid much attention; its true we all know about bitcoin the most famous digital currency but probably not paid much attention maybe due to its value or it just didn't make the right breakthrough for you regardless all the promotion it got.But now that Facebook is going to introduce and fact that isn't expensive as others' its definatly going going tom put all the digital currency on exposed and a lot of people would be keen to know.

Libra is here to save us from all the fortunes we have been paying for moving money abroad, Libra is going to be cheap for everyone and with the expensive of ID approval. Really sending money abroad is going to cost nothing? Yes! if you stay within the family apps you would be able to make transaction free of charge.

The digital currency has been made with same value as the U.S dollar so that everyone can afford to make transactions from point a to z, to abroad not having to pay a single cost, really amazing stuff.

Whoever have been busy developing a social media to wipe out Facebook come 2020 they going to have a huge mountain to climb, really it is not a joke. Facebook developed a lot of helpful features since its establishment, the organisation has shaped and improved how people communicate. And now communicating over abroad or within the same country is nothing than just a finger tip on your device button and within seconds you're connected.And now the organisation is introducing same technology to our digital currency, well you don't have to hate but to be the part of the system. And for sure one day we are all going to use the currency, weather we like it or not!

Facebook empowering people to save their pocket and wiping out the beru de change for the huge amount of charge for transactions made to go aboard. But we all know Facebook as the biggest organisation, it has billions of users and also huge amount of that are active users which make sense that it hold pretty much a lot of information. Well we sale ourselves to be popular or get connected, not much can be done considering that we have to move with technology; technology is not physically forcing us but through globalization it does, yet another technology is here to globalize the ways money is moved from one person to another. We need to think if its right thing to do, to sell our identification for transaction approval, its scary how Facebook is holding all our information and making it the most powerful organisation. Would you have thought Facebook would be the next big thing in the early days of its released; the organisation only looked like its for kids and yet again to prove why it's the foundation of all digital marketing. For more information Libra.org

Its funny how people think Facebook or Instagram listen to their conversation, really! how would the Facebook robots would of listen to our conversation, why would the robots only pick you? But you're not forgetting, no you're not! But a little bit illiterate, maybe yes, probably, definitely yes, typing into google and not encrypting the url which gives the opportunity to internet service provider (ISP) to know source you search on internet. And the internet service provider (ISP) sales your internet trail to the ads provider. Also the things we search on internet is the things we talk about, so people get shock when they talk about something and a few hours or minutes later then they see it on Facebook, Instagram or even Messenger forgetting that they must have searched for it on internet before they spoke about it.

The introduction of the currency is much welcome and has globalized the world to have one currency and instant transaction that come handy if there's any emergency, hopefully the social media community is going to accept and give it a warm welcome to Libra. The world is soon changing to be one nation if things stays like this and have one equal currency.

For those who had never had time to look into Crytocurrency I think it would be ideal to start looking into. By the looks of it its going to be secure especially if transactions are handled within whatsApp but also on other apps. Well the community has enough time to decide if the whole deal is worth it or not

Facebook is now going to make digital currency famous, it worth everything to study about it, so that everyone has the fundamental knowledge about the money they going to be handling.