Why Facebook say' no content available'?

I am quite sure a lot of us have experienced some difficulties fetching content on the biggest social media (Facebook) and probably got annoyed and never asked anyone why or some of us have straight went into google trying to look for any answer to solve the problem. And some of us have literally have physically and electronically asked friends on how to encounter the problem.

Its always good to log into Facebook and not experience any difficulties when consuming and networking because a lot now happen on the platform from Business, you name it to influencing. A lot of content creators and active users would be hoping to send massage for cheap since Facebook is one of the core digital marketing place; almost everything is found on the platform.

It's very difficult not able accessing the account again you already did when you want to recap on some content you already have consumed to help you with sharpening up with what you already have; it causes some frustration and difficulties; if you were going to prove yourself to someone it will be a disaster as they will think you are lying.

This could be because Facebook could be experiencing some difficulties and it might be updating some tech :
Difficulties could be faced when an organisation is updating there software (any other application) and this might lead new tech and old tech getting mixed up in the savers whilst routing out and in; so the savers might get confused on which one to hand out and probably end up not dishing out any of the information. Some mistakes could be constantly done whilst the organisation update its site. Or the organisation could be having some major problems we don't even know about because some of the major issues could get disclosed to us due to the organisation security and competition.


The number of active users is so huge and is not getting less everyday as we all witness the platform getting many and many users; active users to be more precise, because there's difference between users and active users and in terms of active users Facebook has 2 billion plus of the active users. Due to the active users get overpopulated and sometimes this might result in the platform crashing if it hasn't been updated properly; at this point I can suggest to leave the site for little while and come and give it a try.


Network error could happen anywhere any place a lot could be happening to the organisation and it will be busy trying to fix and at some point reoccurring could take place a several times without the organisation knowing what is happening therefore you wouldn't be able to retrieve any data at this level, would you?.


It could be the person on the other end has restricted you from consuming their content and therefore it would be no chance of you of consuming the account holder information (content). They might block you for different reasons including security reasons as well.
Or the account you are trying to consume has been shut down or hasn't been updated. Probably the account you are trying to fetch has been temporally disabled for some reasons and only the account holder will know; it could be the account holder who disabled it or the organisation has suspended it for whatever the reasons.


It could be the robots busy exchanging secret information; recently Facebook have experienced the two robots exchanging secrets in language no one understood and this result in Facebook terminating both robots. The same could still be happening without the organisation knowing as robots want to be smart than human and they think there are going to take over not long.

In conclusion

If there's any error with the organisation I am quite sure Facebook would be busy fixing the issue once they have detect it because the organisation is huge and they wouldn't dare watching those issues damaging their organisation.The site is full of marketers who will quickly migrate to other platforms if the issue is not solved therefore the organisation is always detecting the issue.

The organisation is one of the most influential organisation that's why it has option of security features for the account holder to block any of the suspicious users so the account holder can get along with their account after blocking someone.

Facebook has maintain its name by tacking any of some potential threats to the organisation and any other individual users although it can't tackle all but the one it knows has taken action against so in terms of no content its another minor tech issue the organisation can detect and fix.

Experiencing no content and you're not suspended by either the organisation or the account holder is a major blow and is totally unacceptable to big organisation like Facebook; maybe once or twice is tech fault but a various times a huge mistake by the organisation its turning a blind eye too. Action need to be done probably now.