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To get the word out everyone thinks various ideas;Instagram management or Instagram influencer or any sort of social media proposal; ideas is what we think is going to make our story out on the market then seat to enjoy as the word goes on and on, of course it is! And a little bit more need to be done to inject it to the next level . Its much easier to put the word on the market but how can you make it happen, that's the question? As the word can just float around on the same place after it has been put out there!.

I think we all know by now social media is overflowing with the audience (it is clearly a flooded market) the same as Google: there's millions of websites, maybe billions of them on the internet giving Google engine hard times to select the best copy for the consumer. Well, social media is pretty much the same, almost over half of the world population uses social; millions of these are trying to get the fame but the price doesn't come easy a lot of work need to be invested as same as you are investing your pension

Since the social media is a flooded market place good strategies need to be implemented to be able to archive success; remember there's half of the world population that is using the social media network, which is a good thing to use it to try and reach the audience but to do so it comes with the price and the price is being smart and intelligent with the battling other similar potential content out on the market.

You can constantly post nice and fresh content and still not get love because you could be doing not just enough to push your content to viral
Great marketing could be done in many ways as I explained in the post marketing strategies of using social media; this can also be done by videos, audios or in writing, of course because the idea is to make your ideas across in front of the audience.

PLANNING Planning is another good strategy to consider before taking anything into consideration because when you plan your ideas and put them together then select the pros and cons before the marketing then you will be able to munoeuvre in the market towards success. Follow this frame and closely monitor it as it is the fire flame to boosting and settle you in the market place. Obviously this will also help you with building the metrics that boost your business.

Inspiration: see the biggest competitors out in your market and look at their history; they started very small most of them, didn't they? Yes that what should motivate you because it ain't easy on the market either as sometimes you need cross over into the small forum to collect the audience


Due to high volume of content its hard to sell yourself to the public so life ain't easy to munoeuver to success as sometimes acceleration can be archived by being sharp in first four seconds of your video, could be your audio or your profile. Without doing so the potential clients could get lost in the process of not being sharp.


everyone knows how to use analytics by looking at the likes and knowing how many you got and any other sort of engagement. But going into detail is what is needed here; check each and every detail to collect the right recording to help with improving social media to influence others or generally improve it. Without the proper depth of analytics life could be pretty much difficult in progressing to stage your site to the next level.


It's a daily routine challenge on all major social platform; don't look at some unique platform and think you don't stand a chance, you do as it takes time. Aim to challenge and tackle the ones of own level whilst you progress slowly to the top; the whole thing could be a marathon and you will be lucky if you finish it: remember marathon is raced by a lot of competitors so as competition on social media. Sometimes competition is even high even in the small forums as anyone try to be the best. Instagram influencers, Facebook influencers, Twitter influencers and top social media influencers can help you overcome battling competition but they could be a price for this and depends with who you approach as some could be reasonable!



Its not quite sure which one to go for but good common sense will actually tell you to go big first which is ideal but going big and not getting love will actually demotivate you as new arrival in the market but it also comes down to the idea of what content you have sent across on the market. And you could start on small forums and not also gain love as you will not have inspiration to archive whereas if you cross to the small forum after creating content on the big forum you will know what you need to archive and you will be too! Because everyday you will be aiming for high as you try to divert audience to your big forum. Sometimes its good when you start in the small forum as you will learn under pressure and able to consume all the basics to help with quality enhancing. This strategy is considered the greatest especially for those who don't have money to pay influencer or and ads or those who just don't pay for marketing. And the strategy is one of the top marketing strategy.


Almost everyone on social media is under pressure especially the marketers and the influencers because everyone is trying to reach for high level and to reach to audience get hard and hard therefore pretty much everyone is exaggerating on their content and all this is causing a negative impact on the audience having to consume the wrong information and mislead them to the wrong ideas. Good impressions is always always everything because nothing will come back fall on but if you do not then when it falls on it rain and pours; and its going to be you answering the public questions and suffer of your name being tarnished.


Cheating on social media is criminality and is also cyber offence and it comes with prize of conviction if found that you have tempered with the law wrongfully. This damage your image quickly as your name and profile get passed on quickly because social media is what is built for to connect; people don't want to suffer any losses and misleading information so they support each other in the social community by sharing any criminality activities so that other won't have to experience the similar activities.


Starting on others will obviously harm your business so staying out of such things would be idea route to bring positive vibes to your social network. The word travels like a light and its social media remember; so please don't give anyone a chance of rambling bad about you and bringing out there own remixes about you: be clever than that.
Any unnecessary events and content can be easily ignored to help with solving and potential disputes between the marketers, business and active users.

Wrongly use of hashtags
Posting content without the right captioning
Good profiling
These are some of the **tips** you and me could be forgetting and taking for granted but in actual fact its worth the prize once done accordingly and might result in social media growth. Having not doing so might in the site not reaching its potential growth. The world has been globalized with technology and everything is not getting any cheaper as it comes with the prize; a lot of hard working need to be implemented to achieve success. And carefully consideration need also to be considered as everyone has the power stand out and speak if they found any irrelevant information that could be wrongly consumed by other members of the community.
Laugh and enjoy
Increase engagement
Bubbly character
Lol! I thought I could start by laughing myself to give good first impressions of the answer; being stiff does not help at all as people won’t get interested. Enjoying what you do helps with engagement and enlightenment of your social media.
Rules Obey all the rules and save yourself from getting kicked out of the platform. Each and every site have different rules and are to be obeyed or get suspended or your account may get shut down!


Beautiful short content need a good back up and some of it has been emphasized above without it its technically energy going to waste and I presume not everyone want to garbage the content they have put in work trying to get right. The above helps with the first impressions as it catches any potential audience or clients as soon as possible which is ideal.
Beautiful content everyone who wants success knows quality separates from quantity it doesn't matter how big is your content it could be audio, video or live broadcast; it could be short but it has to be very sharp and effective within that period of time, matter of the fact some other audience prefer it short whereas the big and boring content would not stand as no one would have time to listen, read or watch and wait for the minute the point is going to be sent across.