How to publish your Blog on Facebook and Twitter?

Most of the people are wondering how to make their blog post viral and get seen by a lot of people, some probably thing filling their blog with more post would actually help and some are busy thinking writing more than 3000 words post; which is sensible but considering the technology is advancing and the internet market is becoming a source of everyone and everyone posting content; can your post challenge millions of post that are being published everyday.

Its bit difficult because Google engines ranks high the most trusted content and trusted websites, before it was both quality and the post with more words on it would rank high and I presume this still works but not very effectively as everyone is able to do so and sound the same as others or have it big and just rumbles on. Really it is getting difficult to be heard on internet and social media is playing a major role in making content heard across the globe.

It takes about 300 words to be found on google but not everyone can; due to high number of post and poor SEO but their is always a plan to go around it and that would be using tools such as third part to publish your post on Facebook and Twitter and save your time going Facebook and create and write same post .

Publishing your blog on Facebook page or Twitter helps you with building audience and your post might have the benefit of reaching more potential audience as it might be rewarded with sharing from one another. People like playing on social media because it is easy to connect with others. Audience would look forward in reading your content once you become a reliable source; they would be up for any updates your post and they literally enjoy it because they would be consuming without leaving the platform.

1)Create your Blog Post

Write your blog post of about your interest subject. Unique content is highly preferred not with me but the audience: as well as Google and remember we are not just writing the post to be read on social media but also to be on search engines so that google can trust it and dish out first when asked. Facebook and Twitter is there to help us to create audience and making our content viral.

2)Create a Facebook Page or Twitter account.

On your Facebook account you create a Facebook business page that has a different name to the main account but it will be running under your main account. And you can open as many pages as you want!. Next step is modifying the account by making a good profiling and linking it any other social media; make sure your website url is edited and a good description. If you already have Twitter you are ready to go to the next step but if not then an account need to be created.

3)Create Account with ITFFF.

Go to ITFFF and create an account or you can log in using either your Facebook account or Google account then link both your Facebook page or Twitter probably both them at the same time and your Blog in this third part tool and make sure you save settings before exiting. Don't worry if you are totally new to the technology because IFTTT will take you through a crash course on how to use it.

4)Go in Blog and Publish Post

Before publish we all proof read the post to check any errors that we might notice and link page to page that are relevant in our post, also this helps with good SEO. Hit the publish button and technically the post is published on Facebook but it will be only missing the html links that are in the blog.

5)Build Audience.

Now that you have published your first blog post on Facebook page the next step is to invite the audience to your page and they would be able to to see what sort of content you have; you can do this by using the buttons to invite your friends from the normal account to your page. Add all friends and maybe probably go into your normal account and add mutual friends and then add them on your business page. If they like they might invite any other friends. And social media is good for building a fun base.

What is IFTTT?

Its a tool not just a tool but a marketing tool that helps to connect various. If you post on Blog then Facebook can read presumably you have linked them together using IFTT. Its really a good marketing tool that helps to multi writing or multi task and it has been around for time now. This tool should be able to used by any website owner out there to help save time and also can be used with any social media active users to help and combine their accounts together and save time.


Making content that's not read with anyone hats that's why publishing on Facebook website helps with collecting any potential audience out there because it's an active community. IFTTT is a free tool designed for any content creator to use and have go so I wouldn't the point you wouldn't even give it chance and see how much you can get on. And it saves you time and also it has potential of constructing big audience in a long run. The software is easy to use once studied. Paragraphs are getting shorter and shorter on social media; so you telling me you don't want to be the one of them with different style that is going to surprise audience and draws the attention, really not?

Its not only google that is flooded but social media also so approaching it with different tactic can also help in achieving goals.

Make sure you choose the right applets you suitable; they could be same applets with different functionality so before picking one make sure you scroll down all the way to the bottom read about each and everyone of an interest and select the one that suitable for you.