Instagram has been improved to be one of the leading social media sites, no doubt the site is doing well in connecting people together! The platform is reach in marketing tools; helps people to get in front of their audience. We have noticed a lot of content going viral on social media and much of start on Instagram. To help with your Instagram to go viral good planning and strategy need to be constructed before the content have been posted. If you're not good with the above how about you have your device ready to hand everytime you travel? Capture all the excitement moments and save them. But before posting some editing might need to be carried out for picture perfection. And before posting the right filters need to aplied to your content.
Profile:8/10 audience might see your profile and 2/10 might click to see the rest of your Istagram content. Profile need to be edited in full and carry relevant information to your content. Use emojis if possible because they are created to help understand the text and fun;but on this (profile) scenario emojis would be used to help people understand what your whole content is all about, don't it?
Caption:each post must have caption to help 👥 👥 audience understand the text. The use of emojis should be carried out as soon as possible;helps with engaging the audience to the post. When audience see the post they go to the caption to see what others think about your post. So to have put a caption when posting helps people with what to comment and also having.caption might draw audience to look again and share your post.
24 hour stories:this is another great way to stay active on Instagram. People go on Instagram looking for (hot) 🔥 content and lstagram has done good enough making these stories viral;the site achieved this by having the rich marketing tools. Once the story has been uploaded products could be linked ready for swipe. Also once your story has been added you are able to pick it and highlight it so that stays on your profile.
Dating sites: they are now used to drive followers to lnstagram, people sign up for dating sites and 🔗 (link) their Istagram to the site so people would get connected straight to lnstagram with the hope to gain followers, at least these are real followers, ain't they? Compared to the fake that might follow you randomly or by getting hacked.
Buttons(🔳):you need to be familiar with these as they help with marketing. Hashtag button should be used in seek of relevant audience;the button helps with targetting the right audience and if you have unique content the button is number one machine in (🚘) driving audience (👤 👥) to your post;your content might result in getting likes.
Like button:well you should try and like other people content so that they like your stuff back and the benefit for like button is by doing so if someone has an interest in you they follow you and refere you to their friends.
@ button:this button is used to memtion relevant content or just a friend you are together in the post with, this is another way of tagging on Instagram. The button should be used with no hesitation but also remember not to abuse them.
#@ buttons are higly advised to use them on your profile to drive 👥 👥 audience to rest of your content, other sites and you can use your other lstagram accounts to send audience to your main account.
The follow button should also used to try and follow relevant people in hope of getting follow back. When you use hashtags don't forget to use the follow for follow wording to try and collect some audience that might like your content.
Influencer:these people will get you in front of audience within a short period of⌚ (time). A lot of money might be spent here trying to reach out of exposure and truly nothing could be achieved as targeted 👥👥(audience) cannot be reached. Wheres the influencers helps with reaching (🎯) targeted audience. Influencers can do this by using @# buttons and us 👤👥 👥 (audience) would be curious to know the person tagged in those buttons;we then click to see the person;if the person has good content we tent to follow them;as we wouldn't want to forget about them and save the hussle of 🔎 searching through the influencer content as they post frequently! Influencers can place your url on their profile;their visitors can click your link and you get followers that way!
Network:they are a lot of ways of networking this include the groups on Istagram ;with the groups there'snt any doubt that you will be easily among those on forefront of Istagram on a particular subject. The groups are the right network to help you with exposure of the 🎯 (targeted) audience.
Busisness account -Istagram is now a floaded platform the better your profile looks the better you get discovered on the platform;start by turning your account from private to public;it gives the chances of getting discovered on the platform. When you add a pos:the post has better chances of reaching the unique accounts;reaching unique account has a better chance of you being tagged by those users with high followers and it might result in (viral) success.
Statistics-statistics helps with boosting confidence as you will watch areas need correction and a little bit more effort. Keep track of the audince, where they're coming from, what city they are coming from;what day is the most visited, what day is the less visited and the percentage of the gender and keep track of last impressions to see if you're going to beat record next time you post.
Model:being an Instagram model can help you to gain some audience because ISTAGRAM is the number one platform about what is hot in the community and everyone visit the platform looking for 🔥 hot stuff and models have all the hot outfits and gadgets trying to impress the 👥 👥 (audience). By doing all that they go a litter further with their content which makes then admired by their audience and they earn followers as a result, for example Kyle Jenner has earned her respect as model through Instagram and she get paid for posting single post by brands!
Posting Time:because everyone Instagram account is different so as the posting time? Well the powerful ISTAGRAM account holders they can post any time because there content can be consistently get shared with audience and it boost there post performance on the platform;with these you might not stand a chance of recognition on the platform so you need the actul time to post. First know when your fans are most on line or when they most engage;can be done by checking statistics when you post and needed to be tried a several times to see the correct reading. Then post the most engaged time of your site.Depending with account you hold you might want to post during the day time because you're an organisation, an individual they might want to post when people are off work;when people get home after looking for entertainment or a blogger might want to post weekend when pretty much everyone has ⌚ time to read.
Fan base:knowing your fan base helps with creating a great content, once you know who's your fan base it helps by knowing what content you should create! Also it gives you ideas of how much work you should focus on your content and it gives judges considering you should do more videos or just only pictures! You will also know what time is suitable to post.
Engagement:it should be done thoroughly and this should include any peace of engagement;from replying to audience through the DM or post activities to help with maximize the reach of any pontetial audiences. Like back other people's post so you get likes back. The post with most engagement get exposed straight in the ISTAGRAM GLOBE with benefit of maximising the reach of pontetial audience that will result in you picking up some fame. Persistent and active engagement is the key to a successful engagement.
Develop quality photos and videos:developing qulity photos or vidoes has a chance of success on istagram, dont rush trim any unnecessary content of the video or cut any unnecessary or excess stuff on the photo.
Analyse the competition:to be competitive enough a good research need to be carried out;it's very vital to know your competitors. Once you know your competitors it's easy to predict the outcome because you would have known by now the effort you would have already put in!. It also helps by knowing what's real 🔥 hot subject on the platform and around the globe and you will be able to make relevant stuff if you've too!
Belowis the statistics of the biggest viral people's Instagram accounts that are highly targeted by brands.
Statistics as it stands 9-03-19
People Followers
Ronaldo 157+ million
Selena Gomez 147+ million
Ariana Grande 147+ million
The Rock 134+ million
Kim Kardashian 130+ million
Kylie Jenner 128+ million
Beyonce 123+ million
Taylor Swift 114+ million
Neymar 110+ million
The names above are active in their community ;now because you're here looking for some tips on how to get viral on Instagram have you considered if you could be actively enough and engage to try and make your content go viral on Instagram? The people above are constantly composing in there community that's why they stay on top.
Rome wasn't built in one day:most of these people they have worked hard their way to the top and now it shows patients pays. Some Instagram accounts with 4+million followers collects about $20k a month. We saw Kyle Jenner collecting $one million per post with 100+million followers.
It could be that you want viral on Instagram because you want visits on your website or YouTube channel whatever the reason you have it's time to put in work:it's ⌚ time now.
There's a lot that can be done on Instagram from monetization through brands, selling your products to E-Commerce;strategy is the key to run a successful Instagram account. Because without good strategy it's hard to construct a good site. A lot of knowledge and research need to be carried out before hand
Its not easy to make Instagram viral a lot ofhard work need to be practiced. Istagram is the platform full of marketing tools and that's why it attracts most of the brands;building one account that catch brands eye is very rewarding. Pretty much everyone wants to make money with Istagram to be accepted with brands you have to have of organic followers. Organic followers follows the viral content on Instagram;let's make the content viral and get 💷 💰 money.