How to get viral on Twitter?

How to get viral on Twitter?
Twitter is one of the reliable social media machine;a lot people engage on twitter:this could be small businesses, big businesses or any other individuals. A lot of people under estimate Twitter because it had it downfall compared to other social media giants in the past few years. But Twitter is one the best social media platform to engage. It might be hard to build the attention on Twitter, but once you've earned enough attention it will be worth it!
Content:create and focus on high qulity content, don't make mistake of not knowing the difference between qulity and quantity.High quality is what us audience would be looking forward too! A lot of content creators whant just to put work out there without screaning content well it doesn't just work. Even spending money on adverts will not work if the content is not of high quality the potential audience might not be reached!
Profile: this need to be designed to an attractive level;wether it's your picture or iconic graphic whatever the reason you're on Twitter! This is the uniform (brand) to your Twitter account and remember you need the attentio. First impression is always everything. By doing so you've already set goals for yourself and you’ve attracted all the potential audience.
Word of mouth:number one traditional way of promoting your service. Ask you may get "how about if you add me on Twitter?" Word of mouth is very effective and able to convince compared to running a campaign.
Ad campaignrun an ad campaign on Twitter. This can help you to reach global. Gaining organic followers on any social media that has more than 200 million active users is bit complicated so that's where ads campaign come in handy. The campaign is there to expose you in front of the audience and depending on your content;well if your content is great you might result in success, if it's not then it will be difficult for you to get the exposure.

Embeded Twitter Username:this can easily be laid in Html and help you connect your account with the fans or any other accounts. Audience can easily click and get reffered. Is a unique feature that has been offered by Twitter so communication can be easily engaged.
Groups:try and find the groups to work with on Twitter so that you give yourself a chance to go on the forefront. The groups are good as they can expsoe you to the targeted audience. Groups charges less on Twitter to a little as $5 you can supply your post to their organisation. They can do so by putting you on their Twitter group or their channel of advertising, it could be a blog or website or another social media network and you get the right exposure
Business account: try to develop your account to business account;business account has better opportunity of discovering and potential audience on the platform!
Trends:posting the most trending subjects on the platform is good as it generates people attention. People are always looking for hot subjects so if you post trends they would be come back for more!

Analytics:study it for some several times a day keep note of what you need and repeat the same next week and probably the week after:doing so helps with getting the appropriate reading. The reason behind studying the analytics is to help us with development. Always try to beat last result. Check out the times you get the most engement. For example a website will tell you were the audience are coming from:well if they are coming from Twitter then use your blog analyse the traffic engagement. But Twitter offers preaty much everything on ANALYTICS.
Practice good Engagement:always frequently engage on Twitter post five times a day, believe me! There's millions of tweets that's engaged everyday. When you post someone post too:your tweet is only available on the feed for a short period. Engagement will increase the chances of your tweet to be noticed.
Humorous:people don't go on social media to look for upsetting content;people want to (laugh) crack whilst taking a break on daily challenges therefore posting funny content is the key to get attention. Because commeddy has also have been used as a weapon of promoting a lot of stuff. Remember don't be stiff with content;one or two funny graphics or video is appreciated. People will be like"this account post some sick (funny) content" and believe me the attention will follow you with strt of a bang! If you post your funny content and not get less than 15 engagement on Twitter please leave your comment at the bottom of this page?
Good Pofile captioning: a good Twitter account contains good captioning on the profile this includes emojis the use of numbers and any other stickers. Your profile also need to contain other url if you have any! And of course your profession. Remember people add you if you are reliable source so having a url helps with being reliable because what’s in the website is the source;all together is reliable source:is what the audience are hungry for. Hashtags: should be put on profile if necessary to quickly inform people what interests you. All the posts should captioned with hashtags especially if you're seeking for attention on Twitter the reward of using hashtag is engagement. Engagement helps with the attention you're looking for!
Retweet:because the tweets does not last very long after being posted millions of them are engaged within short period of time, retweet helps with boosting your tweet:back to the top. And don't just retweet your own tweets but others too!
Mentioning: is good practice of engagement;mention everyone you possibly can and they love it on Twitter. Remember mentioning should be practised on almost every post, remember not abuse it.
Follow: you can follow at least 10 people a day, this helps with gaining some followers back. Follow back anyone as soon as possible. Doing this helps with meeting new profile through mutual friends.
Other online forums: use other online forums to help connecting audience to your Twitter. There isn't much competition on other forums. You need to go in there and dominate well to gain followers then direct them to your Twitter account.
Influencers: they help with reaching targeted audience. Millions can be spent trying to get the word out but nothing could get archived. With the influencers you get in front of the right people.
Caption of tags:they should be used and all the brands you're interested in working with in the future should be tagged, this might help you in future as the brands would be easily recognise you once you have gained enough followers to try a brand.
Heading captioning:content without the heading is more likely to be jumped because no one wouldn't know what it is about or it won't draw the attention! So in this scenario you're engaging the audience with both text and the rest of the content. Please please make sure you do so because this is vital. Unless if you want to put in work and achive nothing:well in that case you have to not follow the heading captioning.
Automated Tweets: there's a lot of campanies were you can sign up for the automated tweets. Once someone has added you and you added back your automated is sent depending to what you do.
Promotion: you run a promotion in certain communities to help target the audience, this could be groups on twitter or any paid campaign.