Social media is getting strong and strong everyday as the technology globalize it to a level where we can't deny;but to be left with technology in our fingertip. Social media organisations are busy developing their organisations to a very competitive level; that they can stay on top by obtaining 👤 👥 (users) to love their new key features. It is not a lie that we are all migrated to the new play (social media) area:for the simple reason we all want to know what is 🔥 (hot) , don't we?
Now that social media is huge, dominating online, gaining (👪) people is even difficult unless if you're someone famous. Some people are dying, getting injured or even spending a lot of 💷 💰 (money) trying to create a content that is catchy:that it can circulate among other social media organisation. Well it's 2019 everyone is trying to be famous so anyone will post about anything trying to sell their content;the simple reason their's money to be made from social media sites once you have earn enough fame. Becoming famous doesn't come easy;is something you have to work hard for, some might work hard and still not archive success, some might work hard:create a content and gain a little fame overnight, as they need to post more content about similar content more and more to achieve enough fame.
The social media have been modernized to a level where you are able to connect from one site to another;the content browser are kept within all your your sites. Now you see dating sites connected to most of the social media, but this logic of networking is more likely to work for females as 👨 (man) can easily browse through the content of the females on dating sites ;simply click the link to social media and also browse the content;the chances are 8/10 for the female to earn a 👨 (follower) , whereas if a man is on the same dating sites and get browsed the same way the female did:the chances are 4/10 for the man to add a number to his followers, unless if the male is someone whose making his way into the lime light.
Using social media can see you stay on top of lime light, constantly posting helps to stay on top of things as you will be able to target the right audience. We all know that people (👪) wake up to their 📱 (phones) to see if they have been 🤙 (calls) or massages either from the phone or social media;later on after the morning rush hour;people sit down to thoroughly go over their social media looking to such things as likes and any sort of engagement on their activities;or other people's activities, this is some of the things that is giving the social media power to be just absolutely big. 👤 (people) need to know what is 🔥 (hot):what is not, don't we?
Engagement on social media has also paid a major part in making social media the part of the modern technology;that we all need to carry out some of the tasks. You post your fresh content and expect it to get engagement otherwise it wouldn't just look as nice without the reactions, would it? Engagement is turning (👪) people into friends or enemies;engagement could be based on the content or it could be based on the previous and probably not just on social media but anywhere else. Engagement is also has been recorded as inspiring people to create better content;as us people want to beat the last engagement and other people activities.
Business on social media has changed the way social media was looked a while ago. A while ago social media was for young people to connect;now it seems everyone has jumped on the wagon, with most people creating business pages and linking their platforms with E-commerce to be able to get (👪) audience to their online shops, all this is proving the power of social media as most the people are getting (visits) results to their sites or online shops. Business on social media is a great idea so long you have a good content, this can reward you with your business being famous as people will be able to refer you quickly. A lot of products have been promoted through social media and a lot of products have been seen on social media market places, so l don't see the reason why we shouldn't accept social media as part of technology to engage with audience.
People are reportedly of 🔥 (burning) cars or going crazy on their social sites just to impress the audience (👪) what they are talking about is real, people having to spent a lot of 💰 💷 (money) creating content that is catchy so that they impress the audience, why are they doing so?. It's because everyone is trying to be famous by talking what they have heard or know but not have experienced and in this case to impress the audience you have to go an extra mile, if it wasn't that everyone has the access to creating content and they would be only a few who can do so;and the rest would be just the audience, the competition wouldn't as such;but social media gives everyone the power to shine so long your content is of high quality and can be enjoyable to circulate around social sites.
Viral is the word you want to hear or run in your mind especially if you are looking to be famous through social media, again your content need to circulate through all social platforms for you to gain enough recognition, so here and again content comes in handy and all can be archived by planning and exercise before handy.
Groups (👪) on social media have become an effective way to engage with the audience with 95% of the audience are targeted audience and the groups have made a major role in making the content viral of which why they're created in the first place. Some owners of the groups they charge a fee for people to be promoted through their group(s) and some groups are just only free for anything so as long they will be looking to grow.
Everything has pros and cons so as social media;above are some of the related pros to social media:today generation has to be extra cautious when carrying out activities:social media offers everyone opportunity to be a journalist therefore anyone can record content to anyone with their devices and post on social media, if the post is good enough to give people jokes their's no doubt that it can circulate on platform to platform
We all need internet to be able to access our sites, in the developed countries internet data is affordable compared to those in the third world countries and their presence of reaching out to social media is minimized because of the the expensive the technology demands for someone to be able to engage on social media.
Social media offers the opportunity for everyone including professionals to hang around, this sort of power of social media opens the opportunities to everyone to chose which direction to take, it also gives the power to inspire anyone who has ambitions to success;it doesn't matter what sort profession your have chosen to hang in, so long you are dedicated and able to be consistency enough to capitalise from errors to meet others professionalism.
Social media gives the opportunity to build your own empire a little by little, and results doesn't happen overnight, patients and consistency is needed. On Facebook you have the opportunity to link all social medias so that (👪) people can easily find you, so as other platforms. Having your account as business has the opportunity to be discovered easily by other (👪) people on such platforms as Instagram and Pinterest etc.
Going back to disadvantages of social media, you can easily become vulnerable of abuse from other audience and suffer from post-traumatic stress this can be caused by going under pressure or getting bullied when you post your content, as we all know people can write what they whant towards anyone's post, and these are the most disadvantage of trying to rise to fame through social media.
People can get targeted whilst they are away this is because people post their location then thieves use that as advantage to know (location) where you are;intrude into your house. Most of the celebrities have been targeted and have experienced the lost especially the Hollywood celebrities. Also the use of social media is also used by thieves to tress your location;that they can organize a robbery especially if thieves have an interest in you. Recent we have seen a few robbery happening to celebrities in places like hotels or even girlfriend houses etc, well it's tough. Social media is important to our lives;other people are using it as equipment of criminality. But we all want to build the empire of our social media.
Now we have learned how social media is powerful and it can be used to engage with the world, now its time to stop and think to see if we are doing good enough to archive success, the key words engage,business,empire,dominate,traffic (visits) and viral these are some of the words you might need to think of when considering to dominate on social media by doing so you are reaching for number number 1⃣ (one).
But don't forget to use such things as messaging apps to drive traffic to social media, post your link on each and every post let people swipe up and get connected to your social medias or blogs. Use each and every aspect of tools to connect your social medias, let people easily find you. Making 💰 💷 (money) with social media is not easy as you will need organic 👪 (followers) :your post need to be of not seeking attention;l mean the use of hash tags;most of the social media agencies would not approve the account that has post captioned with tags because they say it's not the traditional way of posting content and some do accept.




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