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Marketing on social media is a great way of advertising making sales increasing customer base,this is achieved by delivering a great service and giving customer a great experience.
Marketing is similar to branding;giving a customer a unique service to create network, a  great customer base through demostrating a good customer service.

Social media marketing requires the marketer to engage with other social communities to result in good reward as you will gain trust and more likely to be a key member of the community as far as you demostate good engagement, this is a great way of marketing.
Marketing through word of mouth is great as you are able to demonstrate and explain into details and also you will be able to receive feedback which plays a major role in research.Marketing on Social Media is a great way to promote business but if people don't know what you do on your social media word of is a great way of starting to drive traffic to Social Media.
Marketing on Social Media helps you to see how your promotional post is perfoming as you will have a good look at the post's engagement, this helps with knowledge of customers what they think of  your brand and also helps with knowledge of modifying your brand or services. 

is to sale and promote brand to reach global
communities and increase sales through research
and advertising.
Planning helps to have basic knowledge of
what need to be considered before the brand
is distributed i.e price and promotion e.t.c
With daily increase use of Social Media,
Social Media have become the best
Marketing platform and this can be proved
with looking at the statistics,with Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram and Reddit ranking in the top
visited internet platforms, no doubt a.t.m
all the brands are running to social media
agencies.Recently we have seen Kylie Jenner's
pay increases to a $million dollar per post
this goes to show the power of Social
Media,this is because Social Media engagement
is highly rated, ofcourse it is, you can get
a million people liking and commenting post
especially on the most famous celebrities,
all these helps to promote brand especially
when a celebrity is posting about a brand
and this promote an increase in sales,increase
of sale:is increase of profit without any
doubt.For the brands to keep going back
on social media platform where they get
charged a lot for an advertising they should
get an instant result and goes to show us that
Social Media is in top rank for business marketing
platforms.If you had not considered to use Social
Media,look back now and reconsider now
because social media is a place where you
can boost your business and blossom.Weather you
are a small business and can't afford top celebrities
Social Media offers affordable prices all businesses
,the people with a small number
of followers and get paid less for their posts.The
social media agencies pay less to
the individuals with less followers and also
offer affordable rates to small organisations.Here
again with these it proves why Social Media
is a great place to market a business.
Online Marketing is were an individual create
a website online,a good website is customised
with a domain name,its either they have their own
products, pay for an E-Commerce or a digital
marketing.E-Commerce is were you pay monthly
fee to use the service of the shop, basically
you can select the products you want to sell in
your shop and also you are the one who set prices,
E-Commerce is good but you have to have some
money before as you will need to pay for the
store,the domain name and the shop theme to get
started, this is a lot of money already before
you are even started.The good thing is most of
them can easily connect to social media and
you can tag products especially on Instagram
or you can create a page for products on
Facebook and this can drive visits to your
online shop.It's only when people can't afford
to buy your products because of the prices
and you have to cut prices to meet customer
needs,if you are not an expect you have to hire
an expect to disegn as the disegns is not for
everyone to quickly pick up,by doing all these
you are pumbing moree money before you start
generating income,but you will be building a
business;a good business is built on good
foundation.After the right stuff have been
disgned a good selling and promotion of product
need to be encountered through marketing to
increase sales and profits and this can be done
by posting on all social media and sending
private massages and direct massages on all
Social media platforms,join the groups on
social platforms that are relevant to your
business and post in all market places.Pay for
Ad campaigns to promote and reach globally
without a campaign business is unlikely to
success.Digital marketing is were you register
with an organisation and you select products
you want to advertise on your website and you
get paid percentage of what you sold,you can
add the links and widgets of products to your
selected website or social media this could be
from Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest or
YouTube etc people can click the links or search
in the widgets and referred to the products.
Good promotion of products is required at this
level also as the stuff you are promoting need
to reach global.Own product,if you have your
own products on your website, a good thorough
of reseach need to be done before deploying
product as having no knowledge will cause an
impact on your product in the market place due
to competition and this will damage on product
quality,degrading which means the product will
find it hard to stand for quality.Marketing is
establishing a brand so if the brand is of
poor quality is hard to promote.Promoting on
Social Media hash tags become handy at this
as they help product(s) to reach global
market, using tags and @ buttons another free
way of promoting on social media,the amount of
discovery on Instagram is exllent as the
promotion start getting likes and the more likes
on Instagram, and likes boost your post.So
it's very important to use these buttons as
they respond with a positive results.Posting
on social media need good pictures and good
wording to attract customers within short
period of time,this helps with your post receiving
more engagement and the more engagement, the
more it's likely to go up.Repost on every social
platform every morning and every afternoon and
evenings to collect all the left out customers
that was left out on day of publish,
good post get passed on quickly and all these helps
with great achievement and result in success,
targetting audience is a good way of marketing
as you result in instant success.This is because
you are targeting a community and in communities
word travels and you are likely more to deliver than
convincing a stranger to the product(s) or
BRANDING we all know simple
mathematics is 1+1=2 so think of an
businesses of what you want to do, then you
you simply give at a name so the name is answer
to mathematics of 1+1,Brandig is also the
answer to an idea because Brand is the name
to your product so brand needs to be looked
after by establishing a good customer service,
by creating a good customer base and in return
you create loyal customers,loyal customers
helps with return customer,the more customer
experience you exercise the
more the business is rated the more the brand
or services get boosted and this can turn into
real profits and profits is a taste of success,success means brunching out establishing
business world wide and this is all can be
archived by BRANDING which is qulity.Enough
research need to be done to meet the targets,
this also can be achived by testing the brand
(taking it for a trial)by doing this you are
hearing to what people think of product or
businesses and after gathering information
all the ideas of the process can be taken into
consideration and areas that need modifying
can be aplied.Good marketing is done also by
knowing targets and goals because without these
you are likely to find yourself in the middle
of nowhere,knowing the targets helps to build
businesses as you will simply know what effort
need to be implemented on certain areas, start
writing the figures down if you have and keep check
of the progress by doing this you will strive
and strive,well it sounds silly but you will
know all the records and you know
what to expect.Hire an expect to help you with
modifying the ideas and the quality and this
lead into designing a quality product.
Written by Tonderai Cheza (A.m Tony)


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