• Branding is to create a unique name that stands out from the crowd, a brand is the face of the the business, creating a unique brand is a key to success in promoting your products. Well branding on social media isn't easy as it sounds;there's high competition across all platforms and once people notice your brand weekness to other:they quickly spread the word to others;lets remember here social media is now one the fundamental of new marketing of making things go viral. Lets not just use social media network to work hard for us on marketing:but we all can promote a quality brand here.
    Everyone on social media who has a business is expecting to generate profit so that they can keep the organisation running and without making profit the business can't run, can it? So with the demand of profit to run our business everyone has their product (s) or service up and running. But because everyone is trying to make monney๐Ÿ’ท at home ๐Ÿก trough social media:the competition is too high;and having a unique products can help you to accelerate your brand to the next level.
    Testing- before the brand has been deployed on the social media, some testing need to be carried out, deploying your brand without testing might result in poor demand as it might be of poor quality, remember social media make things goes viral (⏩) due to its active users (๐Ÿ‘ฅ) , so you would't want anyone to pick on your product(s), would you? Approach people (๐Ÿ‘ฅ) and hand out your products trial, see what they think about your product(s) and take into consideration to what they think of your product(s) or service(s), if possible let them try for a long period of time (⌚) and get the feedback later.
    Learn- education is for everyone;and learning is of all age, and we never stop from learning, don't we? there's no business that is run without any mistakes, if you ask most of the successful people they will tell you that they learned from their mistakes:for them to be successful. The mistakes you make on social media need to be taken into account and learn from it to develop into a better brand, making sure that you're not making the same errors:helps with the product productivity.
    Promotion - this's a very effective way of pushing a brand on the market, promote the brand by giving it a special price;so that you can easily attract the audience;and audience can easily spread the word:if the price is of interest to the audience and the product is of quality. Carry out a number of promotions regularly so that audience can notice your brand, and also know that the audience like the promotions:because they normally come the with other products to support the actual product that is being promoted.
    Consistent - being consistent helps with brand recognition, it could be about bringing out new designs;or about consistent of content creating:because audience want to see a lot of activities before considering in trying or buy the products or service, so logically also this literally helps you to stay on top of social media and everyone wants too and there's no doubt to that, is they?
    Pictures- the use of good pictures (๐Ÿ–ผ) is a good technique to approach social media;so no doubt this would be a good way of branding. Pictures attract audience; and audience are drawn to look because of the no limit skills that are used to create a good ๐Ÿ–ผ (pictures) . Those with poor pictures would result in poor audience attraction ; meaning it will be tough for them to get attention from the potential audience.
    Loyalty - being loyal helps with retain of customers as we all know;same also works on social media too! if possible creating a loyalty scheme ๐Ÿ’ณ (cards) would be ideal;and bare in mind these loyalty cards can be sent by post. This sort idea helps with the retain of customers as they would be looking to earn some points on their cards;so they get discount in ๐Ÿ”ฎ (future) This helps to create family tree of the business.
    Creative- being creative helps with yourself as an individual;or brand to stand out from the community of social media, just creating content that hasn't got much more to it would not result in not attracting potential audience;but going a little extra mile would help to attract all those potential audience and has the benefit of making your product(s) or service widely recognized on social media market.
    Influencers- working with influencers is one of the ideas you need to take into consideration;because it is the right choice of targeting the right audience, whereas million could easily get spent and nothing could get archived;they wouldn't be any targeted audience, would they?. Influencer help you with reaching audience of interest; we all want to try any product our hero use, don't we? ?
    Network- choosing the right network work is the key factor when branding on social media, without the right networking on social media is the energy going to ๐Ÿ—‘(waste);they wouldn't be any good connectivity, would they? By choosing the right network you're opening opportunities to yourself as a individual or as business person. And also you will be networking through and through the targeted audience which is idea to boost business to a blossom level.
    Re-posting- this is another great strategy to to gain audience ;when the post is released;not everyone can get it at the same time;as people have different routines, globally we have time difference, so ideally re-posting is for collecting all the audience you can that have been left out on the day of the release of the post and to trigger the memory of the post to those who have seen the post and ignored it and drive them to buy the service(s) you would be offering.
    Visual Analyse- what an awesome strategy that need to be considered when thinking of branding, it helps of learning about your competitors what they're doing, what modification they have recently done to their product(s) or service(s) and anything that they're offering in winning audience. Just running your brand without knowing competition would not help as you will not know what's dominating in the market
    Caption - captioning is a huge part of marketing;posting without captioning is like having cereal without milk, just a post without caption would make it difficult for people to understand what is really being painted on your post;so the use of caption would actually give it a bit of a kick by making it easy to understand.Use tags if you want to reach global;but remember if you think of monetizing your platform through specific agencies in the future this wouldn't be ideal as it will stop you from monetizing, but if your'e not considering of monetizing in the future the use of tags would be the right thing to do. Tags as hashtags and @ buttons helps you to get discovered by other quickly.
    Platforms - use other social media platforms is right way of networking';remember branding is also to collect as much audience as possible, so going into other platforms is really a good way of reaching and targeting those you have not had you on your strongest platform, and also don't forget the use of caption is also required. Equal effort need to be put in on all platforms to be able to collect the audience. This is because some people could be stars on one platform and not on other platform ;because they put a lot of effort on one platform, if not the case well then it could be due to the country you're in, some countries they could use specific organisation compared to other but here we want to reach global so all organisations need to be used , and here my advice is equal effort need to be supported to be able to archive success.
    Word of Mouth - this strategy is number one traditional way of branding, not all of us use social media. Word of mouth would be idea to collect those that don't use or have given up an. Try to convince them, they might get interested and sign up or sign up and be your customers.
    Remember - we are branding on social media to be the most dominant and stand out from the crowd;to convince audience that our product is the best on the market place;social media community need to have adequate information for us to be able to steal them from other brands. Catching audience eye and making them engage with the content is what we aiming for when we're branding. Everything doesn't come easy and need time to develop while you seat relax watching any errors that might require any corrections. Business without corrections wouldn't get any far;most success business people learn from their mistakes as outlined early in the text, make sure you take this peace of advice on board and be success on social media. Well it's 2019 technology has come to us as no surprise, we have witnessed social media improving day by day, remember that the peaces of tools that are on social media are for you to use them so that you reach global, so lets use them and not abuse them. Making money with social media is not easy so as branding a good knowledge and a good honest is required here as well as not going over the top can help you to escalate to the top of all. And remember your audience matters without the audience there's no business, respecting the audience helps with building the business empire.

    Written by Tonderai Cheza the founder of CHEZABUFFBLOG