Branding is creating a unique name that give a service an image that draws the audience in trying to build your product that will later build a great fan base. The fan base that will find itself building a loyalt consumers.

A strong brand can not be challenged easily and will always overcome any of the challenges that may be a threat in the the marketing industry.There's always a challenge on the market, new products trying take the position of great existing products, so to avoid all this misery is by creating a unique brand that can always have a gap on the market. There is so many ways to brand on social media, it could be creating a great content that may result in good engagement or it could be your products or service that will also fuel up the engagement.So to achieve all a few steps need to be followed, having a business plan need to be done to know the fundamental of the business and marketing strategies and also testing need to be carried out to see if there is any gape on the market, or to see how consumers engage with your product, by doing so can help to improve the brand so it can stand as a unique brand onnce it's on the market.
Once the brand is on the market a great marketing strategy need to be implemented, remember you are on social media with billions of active users a day, so pushing your brand to an extra mile will help to archive more. Pushing brand can be done by joining the right communities, using the right technologies, engagement and running the ads all these help to brand in front of billions and remember there's so many ways of marketing but the ones mentioned are some of the keys marketing strategies.
Social Media



Making a rap song need a good lyricist

and to achieve that you need to be a good song writer, this involve the strategy and the language. Song need good a introduction followed by the body and a closing body by doing this you more likely to engage with audience but before going any further your language need to full of devices this includes imortive, exaggeration and similarities these devices are there by fueling up your lyrics with rich content that helps to engage audience and you would not be surprised to get playback on your tracks and you will be the most discussed figure in the industry. Also you need to know when to catch a beat and know rhyme over them.Catch a beat after the drum or kick normally they all come in after 10 sec or above depending on the beat, the time before the kick is the time for you to make an intro. Your voice need to be on to of the beat for people hear what you are saying.Good confident and well deliverance need to be implemented to be able achieve success. You need to sound well confident enough to be able to engage the audience and you need to know it's not easy and so enough need to be done to archive the goal. Deliverance need well stractured here to engage with the audience. Choosing the beat you need to choose the ones that suits your style and all the morden that also suits your style, you will see as you progress in your career you will be able to take any beat without hesitation.
Well making music is fun and a great career but also know that you will find yourself under pressure but don't let the nerve get the best of you, as you might find yourself on the downfall. Everyone goes under pressure but it's way you carry yourself to overcome all that.
Always know you have nothing to loose so making tracks over famous beats and using the right languge devices eg metaphors can drive to success.

The following quiz has been carefully chosen from the topics l have already covered, so you are advised to go and read a few last post about social media before taking quiz.

Q1.What is the most daily visited social media?

Q2.Which of these is mostly preferred by brands?

Q3.Would a debate help any of your queries on social media?
None the above
Q4.Checking Analytics can help with which of these?
All the above

Q5.Why is lstagram becoming one of the social media giant?
Is the most visited platform
It's more of hottest stories
All the above

Q6.Which of these is a result of ignoring Engagement on SOCIAL Media?
Negative impact towards business
Businesses downfall
All the above
Q7.What does social media help with your E-Commerce?.
Build traffic
Build network
All the above
Q.8 How much is needed to start Affiliate marketing?
Q.9 Which of these social media is also job hunting site.?
Q.10 Which of these platforms has a user who get paid million plus per post?