It's all exciting monetizing a content that you spent hours and hours working to make it perfect and after all that hard work has to pay off, google adsense is one of the number one monetization scheme for most of the developers.
    The content developers all like to monetize their sites with Adsense for a few reasons that they can develop sites to share ideas and earn money for sites development, ads are a good way to generate income especially if you know what you are doing on your site.
    The site with adsense is proved to worth more than a site monetize on affiliate link.So always monetizing with adsense is a major potential when you decide to put your site on the market for sell but not everyone is going to sell thier site isn't?
    To put google adsense you need an account with google and this will give you a chance to apply for the ads that use a crawler to put ads on selected post on your site, the crawler reads your content and place similar ads to your post. And we all seen and clicked ads in our time visiting sites consuming information this might have happened because ads are displayed in a attractive burners with a picture or video that makes you want to click the ad and have a look what's going on behind the advert.
    Google Adsense allows you to run other ads, affiliates ads as first or second sort of earning but running any other adsense would be a breach and will result in your google adsense getting banned, in this situation l assume you have to fix your site and reapply.
    Some people make a living on blogging this means blogging is sauce of their income, so on this situation staying within google monetisation policy is highly advisable as if any of the policy is violated result in ads ban.


    Adsense a monetization scheme that pays on the rate CPM(cost per mile)or it's simply called cost per thousand this pays of in dollars and the money depends on were the traffic is coming from, if your most viewers are coming from a developed region it's preaty obvious your earnings will be higher than the traffic coming from undeveloped contries, this is because most of developed countries are more likely to buy the product that is on the ads compared to those in undeveloped contries, this is why writing a content targetting everyone especially if your looking to monetize your site with adsense would be a weapon to success in monetizing with google adsense.
    CPC(cost per click) it pays as it says, you get paid per click and also depends on were the traffic is coming from, same rules applies but the benifit here is you don't have to wait for certain number of visitors to get paid a reasonable amount but as soon as you get a click you get rewarded with a reasonable earnings and cost per clicks is number one factor monetizing so hence the more consumers you get the more chances of getting resonable amount, you might even kick-start your day in dollars.


    If you get 3000000 page views and above it's not that hard to apply for adsense with google adsense team can help on this situation . It's not easy as it sounds to place google adsense on your site, l mean you have to apply with google and wait for approval. Some sort of things they look into is your content, the structure of your site,Invalid clicks, Copyrighted materials, and Counterfeits goods and many more, Google adsense seriously look into these stuff before accepting your application to run their monetization scheme. If Google have any idea that you are not within their policies they have the right to decline your application until the problem has been fixed.
    A clear architectural disgn is highly recommended with google because it allows people navigate through the pages this is because the more people stay on your site the more chance they get to see more ads on your site and this is bringing business to google because every business person want to use a reliable publishers and no doubt goggle is among the best. And l hope you know it's not only Google who are running adsense, of course other companies are also running ads same as google adsense.
    Rich content is highly recommended by google because we all know that the richer the content you have the more you are likely to get consumers to stay on the page and even look for more post after reading current post.
    Google adsense does not recommend too many pictures as this might cause negative impact to their ads and may have less attraction from the visitors as they be attracted by the developers pictures.
    It's against adsense to run false content, content that might mislead people for example click hear and you will get this and if consumers does nothing happens.
    Availability:the site has to be fully active the name you have given when applying, l personaly faced the same error when first applied because l had missed one letter in my url and that prevent them from reviewing your site.
    Site under construction the scheme doesn't allow anyone with site under construction to run the ads, the scheme prefer the fully updated sites to run ads. And your text has to have complete paragraphs and sentences,also your site has to have enough traffic to able to get adsense get activated for you.
    Place your ads widgets were theirs the richest content on site this helps the adsense crawler to understand your text is about so that it can put relevant ads to your content, otherwise it will be hard for them to understand the text.


    There's isn't much money to be earned when receiving a small number of traffic google adsense it will be blogging for pennys. So writing rich content that can get shared and circulate fast among the consumers. As a developer in USA, Canada, Uk, Africa and Asia regarless the country you from building the content with good SEO (search engine optimisation) can help with with your post getting picked up quickly on google search engines. Search engine optimisation can be instructed with what you write, as the robots can instructed with your information but can not always be 1000 percent.
    The site needs a better navigtion to easily attract consumers to navigate through to the other pages, well if you can able to place google ads in your website, if you can easily place links you can easily navigate audience to other pages, their's no rocket science needed to put these links in your website, it's something you can easily teach yourself.
    Running ads on the text that has more than one thousand five hundred words gives google adsense no chance of rejecting your application for the adsense because there'snt anything else that hates after you have filled yourself with joy of looking forward to getting accepted for adsense then it turn up to be rejection,and now you have to go through your site looking for those errors so that you can reapply.
    To blog you don't have to have full knowledge about the topic, blogging is giving your opinion about the certain subject but we also what to monetize our content the best thing not do is to exaggerate and mislead the consumers as this is against google adsense policy.
    Any other sites from outside Blogger are welcome to Google adsense as long they have their own domain name they can apply and get approved but on google Blogger you can apply and google adsense can be run without purchasing a domain name.
    Let's be fare we all need to blog or run our sites as professionals so having the domain that only cost $10 on Blogger and other host a little bit more makes us look like professionals and publishers will be happy to see their ads on professional sites but clicks is what publishers are looking for they are looking to get noticedwhich is the whole logic of publishing ads.

    Google adsense are for everyone, they work absolutely magic with rich content, they cannot be put on any text that contain violation and adult content.
    Google adsense a way to blog and earn and allows you to monetize through affiliate but not any other adsense.
    Adsense pays you depending on the content people who write about technology earn a lot high with adesense so it's to the topic you choose to write about.
    Adsense can be used to monetize videos on other platforms like YouTube etc.
    It takes time to start earning with adsense as you will be blogging for pennys but once your page get popular a nice income can be earned.