Below is your top social media platforms if you are considering to start a business on social media.Start making πŸ’° πŸ’·(money) on Social Media on your spare or full-time.It's time to make a change and start building your online business either connecting your E-Commerce or establishing a businesses page for affiliate marketing or any other business you are skilled in,social media has gained a lot of respect from it's internet rivals due to it's growth of active users each and every year.Please read carefully and after it's time to act in a direction of building your own business. Expand your business with these top of the list online social media platforms were you can sell your brand and services:to target the right audience;gain more recognition to all the services you offer.The Demographic below shows some of the top social media that you can choose to sell your products. SOCIAL MEDIA has developed from just a hanging around area to list one of the top online sales marketing platform,success can be archived:only if you are illetarate to technology and keen to learn on any development that is either implemented to the key functions that already exist or to the new key functions that are developed, and have the eager to success.The way social media is interacting with users it's becoming our daily (habbit)part of ourlife and therefore this makes it one of the top powerful machine to target the right audience for business use.Small and big business are busy creating unique content, graphics and eye catching profiles to attract the audience on social media;as they stand a big chance to expand their business by either picking new customers or reminding the existing customers about the products and services.Everyone who knows about social media whenever they get a chance they want to go on social media and have look on what's going (catch up) around the πŸ—Ί (world) ,some people even get in trouble at work trying to catch up on social media.
FACEBOOK 1.4 Billion 2.30Billion
Isn't wonderful sharing pictures on facebook mybe with friends,family,work colleagues and groups,well it hasn't been exciting than the way it is now;with the new features that were developed include news feeds,groups and live stream etc, only that we have all these features we only start to realise that Facebook when it started it was very basic; but good for for that time. There's high competition now of Social Media organisations. With its features of giving people the power to creat a business page and connecting many sites including E-Commerce no doubt why it has a lot of active users throughout the day compared to other organisations. To do affiliate is very easy in Facebook business page all you need is the link or the widget you go and place it in the text area and the picture will come up without the compliction of HTML.With the right campaign ads your post can be in front of millions active users with high potential to sell.
A lot of people are taking pictures dressed in their favourite clothes trying to impress and create a great content of video so that they can gain followers,likes and comments. Istagram is a very good engagement platform for marketing your products especially if you use E-Commerce to sell in store; your E-Commerce to sell your own products. The platform had stollen a lot audience eye and much are migrating to the organisation. But now it's part of Facebook organisation pretty much stuff you want post it gives you the opportunity to post to Facebook at the same time
A social media of dicovering and sharing without leaving the platform,the platform is increasingly its number of active users and it also offers users to create and link shop using feature BuyablePins on Pinterest. The site is also ranked one top social media to increase traffic to your blog.
People laugh and share humorous content across the globe either to friends or family or anonymously.Youtube is one of most popular video platform with 30million signed in followers a day not considering users without an account. Business on YouTube is simple and staight forward by adding a link to shop or item in end of the video so audince can click it and check what's new in your store.
Well known to be a professional website were people build their profile hunting for jobs that get posted on this business website, now is used to drive audience to meet targeted audince,with frequently active users some authors write a script and share with hope of reaching out to users πŸ‘₯ (audince). it is also used with influencers as an organisation to gain some income when they advertise with brands ,this is done by posting a video recommending a brand, also the analytics on LinkedIn will tell you which professionals watched your (profile) skills and what country and region are they from.
Reddit is a great place to market your products with community of subreddits able to demonstrate your ptoducts to the targeted audience.Subreddits will help you to grow as a business person as you are able to discuss your of any general information related to subreddits.
Micro blogging has always been an interesting different style of sharing content across the world and Twitter has always been the leader in the past. We saw celebrities getting paid to tweet promoting products and some get up to thousands of pound per tweet.Tweeter is still good as when it first came out but now it faces competition from other new social media with that it gives individual an opportunity to grow themselves by gaining more followers as they low competition market place. Individuals can earn money in different ways here with one of them being paid to tweet, if a brand like your followers they can aproach you to strike a deal on promoting their products.
Tumblr needs a lot of work especially if you are not famous,it takes time building but once you have it going it is really rewarding this means the more people you have the more chances of you earning a decent income.So here you want to build your followers first then think the way of monetising.
 Many ways you can make money on google+ you can start by building your followers then turn your followers into e-mail list;and also you can do the same to communities you joined or you have established yourself;then start making money by e-mail marketing, advertising affiliate marketing links etc.
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