In the 1980s most rappers hang around in the streets spitting bars trying to be heard and make a break through, all new rappers trying to make it in the music industry made demos and handed them out to their idols so that they get hooked up to a deal some actually succeed and some did not,all these hardship of marketing was because of lack of technology back then as compared to recent technology.Everyone knows rap music as the genre full lyricism not only vocals,the beat is not only important when it comes to rap is the bars,the structure and diliverance people would be anticipating to listen,it could be a studio track or freestyle people want to hear those lyrics,you have to be tough, l mean genius the way you structure your bars even though with all these you can still find it hard to make a breakthrough.With now new technology to reach people fast possibilities to make it is high but also challenged with high competition.
You could make a heavy lyrical song and find yourself catching no one antetion of course song might have been promoted, but it could sound like you are reading a book of which nowadays is a bit boring to the audience as they like something different for example even adding a little bit of foreign language or a repeat of the same chorus and bars for a good period of time.We all love hip hop for the way it explains about unhonest girls and hardship through relationships or hardship through life experience no doubt it helps people to overcome through a lot of stuff that's why almost everyone respects it and some people they take it the wrong way,well it doesn't matter because everything on the planet has it's merits and desmerits.
Time back a lot of tracks were about real life experience probably through hardship or something else but this touched people and it still now they are but now new rappers speak about their fast cars, gucci ,rollies and chains and so on, well it's quite intimidating to some as they don't have those items to sing about, nevertheless hip hop continues to make people reach driving fancy cars and putting people on the map,that means more fam, money, girls and all the lavish, definitely lm quite right.




  • Surviving in the rap game is a mountain to climp just like making it in game itself this is because of a lot of rappers keeps on knocking on the door of hip hop industry,you have to be quite genius and good to modern culture,we have seen a lot of rappers struggling to come back after one hit wonder this is because they find it hard to adapt to the modern culture,what has been the calture when you last dropped your last track is not gonna be the same when you try to come back,maybe the lingo has gone to the next stage, so being talented in different areas becomes handy. People want to keep on hearing from you on social media,your website,yes as rapper you need to have a website you control your music without anyone policy and keep people updated about your work and also live streams.Due to over population in the industry it's even hard to market music, l think we all seen this on social media,big platforms like Facebook and Instagram used by well established rappers to draw the audience antention and this is giving less opportunity to those trying to make a break through or even some established rappers are being left out.
    We seen a lot of rappers using tactics to stay on top of the game this includes using comedians to make a joke of a song in a right way, this helps getting attention to all angles and this has a beneficial of making your track viral as it be catchy if a comedian do joke or event about it and people would try to do the same to thier own friends on their free time.
    (A lot of rappers are using collaboration as a weapon to get on top as this has an impact to success, it's quite straight forward here because collaboration brings fluvour to the tracks and for sure this is number one ingredient to be recognised .Some rappers are busy creating real and fake beef to have a chance to be noticed,its quite true you could be a good rapper with good lyrics and rap for the whole time of your career and not succeed. If you are not aggressive enough to touch some other big rappers in the industry you won't be recognised and you will stay under the radar,so creating diss tracks can find you getting more people rolling the eyes to you,nowadays we see unfamous rappers going for the big heads to secure their names in the industry as people would want hear those bars on both ends and that's what everyone call hip hop! It's about challenging each other with bars but beef would be topping it up. Some people are turning fake beef into real beef to give them a chance to expose themselves to the public. All it is, is a marketing strategy because upcoming rappers are not playing they want to take the crown and O.Gs have to take all these beefs to live to their words.Making remix has seen a number of small artist getting recognised,some artist make remix after remix of the top songs untill they gain enough recognition.Dominating on social media is also a key to fuel up your career in the rap game,showing the audience what you up too and also your dedication this can help most of the new rappers getting them fam and get recognised by other artist or label.
    Claiming fake events, some rappers are claiming fake events to gain fam for example rappers do something or even take bullets so they draw antention to public and come back "claiming they have a lot haters because they are making money".And other take videos throwing fake money on the floor and drive off just to try to make people believe that they are making money and that they are real about their lifestyles.There's so many ways how rappers are coming up with these strategies but at end of the day its all the game plan we all know that, you have to have the game to be big otherwise you are thrash.Game after game these modern rappers are making disperate actions to get in the game quick trying to foul the audience we all know that! No wonder why they don't survive enough after sprung quick,you have to have knowledge,skills and experience to survive in the game;that way you know when and how to execute.The real ones are still eating and the one hit wonders still thinking once upon a time l was in the chats.Well the fake rap and mumble rap need to end, we all know that their's no money in the industry.We all still want to hear those bars not the chorus hip hop isn't pop,hip hop is bars that are built of hardship and real life experience.