App is business, most of the businesses are moving to online technology and with apps  things are getting easier, have you thought of turning your business to online business;if not its time now and here l am telling people on how to upload an app after l have experienced some problems, in this script lm walking you the whole process. 
With technology changing everyday and is now part of our life and a lot of things turning  into electronics,these electronics stuff becoming important,today you visit a  website you are mostly likely need to download an app to view informative information,well its another way of marketing business and services, the other strategy companies are using is you could be accessing the information on website and you will get a notification telling you what you about to do is easily accessed on the app,this shows again the major roles the  apps are generating in the community and its quite stressful  when you don't have enough memory in your phone as you will end up deleting some stuff you already have,well its worth deleting if the app you going to upload has useful information.

Apps are a great way to promote business as you can reach audience immediately and your information can get passed on over quickly so its quite a good way of promoting business and apps are business.

Loading an app isn't difficult it's easy as using your app already in your phone,loading your app on google  console play you need to have a google  account  once you logged in you will need to register and pay one off fee of $25 once you have done that you need to go to section create app then you fill in your name of your app and then you press enter, followed by  the short description which is followed by the full description and is advised to check google programme policies before start filling in the details,after full description you need to fill in the graphic photos this includes the screenshots of your app features  followed by the icon that needs the right dimensions and a feature graphic also needs  the right dimensions,you can carry on fill in the the other photos if you want but the ones l just listed are the ones that can get you started,move to categorisation and select the type and then move to categories and select the type after this is done move to contact details with only email is important on this part.The next step is to move to app release section as you click that you need to go and press manage production and load your app from your device whilst the App is loading you might want to fill in the app title and cop and paste the app description from store listing into the box provided and by doing this you are killing two birds with one stone, at this time your up should be fully uploaded  scroll down to click the button review and at this point you should have two green lights by the time you click bar button.Now move to content rating,click all the applicable boxes according to the app you are about  to load, once you done and at this time you should get the third green tick. Moving forward go to Price and distribution click applicable boxes to you and make sure you don't forget the countries of distribution then buy the time you should have the last green button and finally go back App release and continue with manage production:go straight to review and the second page will appear and scroll down to press roll out and finally press confirm to finish the whole process.Look how easy it is to upload an app and remember it may take some time until it's approved.


Written by
Tonderai Cheza