Engagement On SOCIAL MEDIA



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  • Engagement plays a major role on social
    media:this includes sharing,re
    tweeting,re posting using @,tags, likes and
    commenting;this is a good
    practise of good social media
    that helps to build a good 👥👥(audience)

Sharing post helps the content to reach out to users 👥 👥 (audience)

within the community fast and quickly and this

reward you with a recognition and you increase

brand strength,it also looks nice on

social media to have a post shared

by a lot of people:as it will attract

and encourage audience to have a attention on

your content;

will result on 👥 👥 (audience) getting tempted

to the product(s) or service.

#Hash tags they help the post to reach

global; thid is another good way of engaging

with audience without spending a penny

on campaigns. This sort of engagement is good

on Instagram although it has an impact that

we are going to discuss in the next subject.

Hash tag is powerful ways of engaging on

social media but

remember it is also available on all socials

like facebook,google+ and tumblr etc.Ways

of hash tags that helps to engage with

audience #like4like #follow4follow

#brand #name
etc the respond you get is

absolutely unbelievable and this is

a good way of engaging and reaching audience.

Likes!well likes are a good way of engaging

on social platforms:the more likes the post:

the better it looks to begin with, this type

of engagement is really important as you will

know how others think of your product(s) or

service, its simple understanding here, mo

likes shows how others think of your stuff,

but also the more likes you get the more

your post get boosted to the feed;

istagram is a good example again here.

@ this option of engagement is used to connect

it could be 2 or 3 of your sites in one

social media platform or is used to link

other members in the Social Media platform

others call it mentioning, this is an

absolutely way of engaging and reaching

within the community.

Commenting the old traditional way of

engaging on social, commenting has been around for time and time,commenting is

an effective way to engage,it will remain

effective way to engage to audience

due to its powerful;and useful ways of

engaging with the audience. It's very

effective when you go live actually others

will hang on just to read viewers comments

even if they

have to go after finding the broadcasting

boring. On normal post audience will

read the comments and likely to go

back and look at the post again.


A leader need to be able to engage and

demonstrate high skills to attract 👥 audiences

on social media this result in business

success,to achieve this a leader with fast

response to all engagements will succeed to

the company or product into a good brand.

The leader will be definitely the face of the

brand, the Leader will also need to have a

good knowledge of the brand as they will need to be

be punctual in answering all the queries that

matters in a small length of time.This

helps with increase in trust ;

one the most important thing especially if

you are trading on line,trust is key to

.Trust also helps with building the

relationship between audience and the brand

and this can result in your brand being

referred to other in the community (sharing)

A leader need to demonstrate good skills in

marketing the product or service,this helps

with product engagement as it will be able to

to reach audience as expected with the

company.A leader will help with building a

team with knowledge on how to approach the

community to help reaching a good

engagement within the community.A leader need

to have a good knowledge or to have managed

other social media platforms,also the leader

need strive for success with a hunger that

deliver success. lm saying this because

social media is getting flooded everywhere;

everyday so it's competition. Launching your

business and competition may result your

businesses of not achieving all the

engagements it should receive.

The representative of the business or product

need to be active to achieve all the

engagement from the 👥 (audience) and this builds

trust and networking.Both post and private

massages need to be engaged quickly to

deliver success.


Once you have collected customer information

through PM or post it is very important to

update customers every week about any updates

or any new product through your email list

this also result in company or product


Emails are a good traditional way of engaging

with audience as customers or brand can go

over them to understand any complications.

Reply to any of the complaints from the

to build a good reputation within the


Remind customers about any promotions and any

competition to be held.

It's easy to measure the insights on

facebook, twitter, instagram and tumblr

this is only be measured by watching the like

and the comments, this will give you and

idea of how post or product is performing.

by doing as mentioned above you are going to

know the best times to post and how long

after posting should you receive your first

engagement, you will also know where you

would like to increase promotions.

Consistent posting helps to stay on top of the

news feed, so people can engage but liking,

sharing and commenting this will help your

brand or business to remain on top of the

news feeds and helps the brand or service to

be noticed to wide range of 👤👥(audiences) .

Re posting is collecting all the missed out

audience and also reminding who already seen

post of your product and services, the

re post should be written in big letters and

in a persuasive way to encourage audiences to

engage, the more you post the more you get

skilled at the writing,you will also need to have

the genre your hashtag is targeting; in

return you get a lot of respond.Commenting

on other people's post is highly recommended

as it is a good way of engagement,when you

you engage on other posts it helps you to be

discovered by other audience's followers because

they would be simply curious to know who you are,

so to achieve that! a nice and confident

comment is also recommended to grab the

attention of the audience to check your

profile and engage too.By doing so we all now

know that it improves customer base and

relationship within the community.

Cover all platforms

Engaging on all social media result in an

instant result because simply a wide coverage

of audiences are reached by doing so


This gives an opportunity to get

exposed to most 👥 👥 (audiences) ;audience

can share and tag the post to all

social media platforms , this also gives a chance to

reach your targets in a short period.

Always know we all have different taste so

someone might like Pinterest better than

Tumblr so covering all socials is a very

good idea in marketing :it also helps with

engagement and reaching wide range of

audience and will definitely help to discover

new audience.

Use images & videos

Using pictures has a huge impact on

attracting customers by making customers keep

coming and clicking the image and this could

result in customers buying the product.

Use of videos has a high impact as the

audience get visual and audio which supports

the brand and some of the videos may not

contact sound but with written text. These

types of post are still available. The most

impact way to engage audience is by being

very persuasive in the video demonstrating

the brand to your best of ability.

Listening to customers helps gaining

knowledge on areas that need improvements.

Listen helps to avoid any bad reviews on

anything that probably would have gone wrong;

and by doing so it helps to build a great brand

because people they learn more from mistakes,

this is because no one wants to make same

mistakes over and over, if you do that constantly

my harm your business! And result in not gain retain



Written by Tonderai Cheza (A.m Tony)