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I am glad to announce the release of this app for those who have android devices can be able to go in the google app store and download it. This app was released on 31 July 2018 on aims to target audience.
The main reasons for its release are to reach audience and notify them about new articles,to fight any competitors;not only competitors within the same radius but  all round the globe competitors, who may be blogging about digital marketing, marketing, making money on social media, branding on social media or making money on social media.
It was released to move with technology as alot of things are now published on apps, so moving with technology is a great idea, and time  is very important and plays a major row in growth. 

The advantages are you can easily navigate to the blog,you can easily go back to the blog without loosing your time typing on the browser, you get notified about the new articles, you can easily remember the blog name if you want a second look to brush up your skills.You don't need to get worried if you mistakenly shut down the pages. 
You up to date  with the technology not having to go in the browser too much loosing your time especially when your learning about any stuff that is on the blog. 
Everything that l have listed on the blog is quite useful stuff as it helps on daily to daily basis, it teaches how to make money, of course everyone needs to make money and you can download this app put it in your pocket use it for tips and easy for you to remember the name of the blog. All the pages of this blog are in one app another advantage compared to loosing your page due to pages creating dialogues. 

I hope this blog app will help you and it will make things easier. 
I also hope you will start learning on how to make money with social media through this app or blog. 
I hope you will get elsome knowledge on how to start a business on social platforms. 
I hope this will inspire you maybe you want to become a successful rapper. 
I hope this app or blog will lead you in the new opportunity to engage on line social media platforms. 
I know you can do it, it's easy peasy, they all say patience pays, take time think of what you want to do, l have illustrated  every easy way you think of on making money on social media. 
I am teaching you the things l am doing myself not the stuff l heard of someone or read in a book and just come to blog it, l have read and watched  a lot of stuff and l have put my hands on experience so these script are not misleading information. 

On these stuff l am teaching you;you don't need to have capital on most of them, so l don't see why you have to think twice on starting some of it, its only your time of which you can do it on your spare time just as little 45mins a day.

I hope you will enjoy, for more articles please subscribe or download the app

writen by A. m Tony(Tonderai Cheza) 



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