Word Cup Final 2018

           France celebrating after handed                           the trophy 
Croatia 2-4 France 
France won the world cup and returned the trophy in Europe,but the penalty was disagreement to the public.

Great teams participated in the world cup real contenders played and were eliminated, we watched semi-finals Belgium and England out in the last stages of the world cup.

France gather for the trophy
France passed accurately in the early minutes of the world cup finals, but shortly Croatia took control of the game with a really great team and top three players with experience of the competition and proved that  are underrated. Griezmann was fouled but very lightly and went down for the free-kick that lead Madzukik own goal.

Croatia didn't throw in a towel they fought  to win every ball and produced absolutely quality passes, but the penalty was given but it was controversial as it was not enough evidence but referee still gave it after watching it again on APR. France went a goal up because  Peresic of Croatia had scored a tremendous equaliser in the 28mins this had put them back in the game.

Pogba with fifa president

Pogba's stunning 59min goal changed the hole game France took control of the game but Croatia still looked in shape but not winning ball enough.

Mbappe celeb his achievements

Mbappe making history to score four goals as teenager in competition, his tournament hard work was rewarded with 
the young player award.
Madzukic's 69 goal was a bit too late for the team to fight back but changed the mood of the team as they started to win ball again but referee blew the final whistle and France celebrated finally to retain the trophy that was lifted before Mbappe was born and their coach was the captain and now lifted as (coach he wins it home and away)
England Kane won the golden boots.

France celeb the world cup

It has been a Great tournament with a lot of unpredictable results, a tournament to remember were young World cup archived anything no one had expected, with England reaching the semi-finals and France winning the world cup and both countries with young squads, well their's a lot to look for in Qatar 2022.

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Writen by
A. m Tony
(Tonderai Cheza)