Make money with social media
Make money with social media Making money, we all need to know ways of making 💷💰 (money) on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn e.t.c or we all probably already know ways of making money;but it's probably we don't put enough effort to enables us to make money. Well today l have a little that can be interesting if you think of making 💷💰 (money) on your spare ⌚(time) e or considering a serious business;and it is about making 💷💰 (money) on social media. Well some of us are still underestimating social media thinking it's only a play area but some other people are really busy creating great content;and building empires of social media, and this means there's people leaving on social media earnings.
Like l always say everything has advantages and disadvantages:and l hope you know social media has too, so starting by staying out things that would hate your social media empire:would be a idea as business person, you don't want to start on people and end up being a victim on social platforms. Whatever you do as a business person on social just be honest to your audience;because not doing so it increases the potentials of come backs, and by now you should know what come backs do(they come back to harm business). Remember your image is what drag the audience to your site;so if people have heard that your business is not trustworthy:their's a potential that they don't even waste ⌚ (time) looking into it. Lets be clear;the 😔 (face) l am talking about here:is your profile and all what it does is it drags audience to the content for engagement. Going back to making 💰💷 (money) on social media, there's a lot ways of making money on social media depending in what sort of things that interest you e.g if you're a fitness person;you're better off selling or do something similar to fitness;as you would have a better knowledge about the product(s) or service(s) , having good knowledge of product(s) is a good starting point . Business on social media has ups and downs like any other businesses;so don't expect to get on and think you are going to have a clear run away without distractions.
Affiliate Marketing- digital marketing is an easy way to start earning money (💷💰) on spare time:or full time. Here again you need think of a product or products you need to sell on your social media, once you have an idea of product(s) you need to go ahead and look which company you can sell their product(s). Facebook page would be ideally be connected to Amazon as their widgets straight would bring the picture of the product(s):as soon as you place them on the page; and on this situation you don't need to have the hassle of of going in html and place the widget on the right tag, or you might get an error in html and start again;even you might mess up your html. Facebook and Amazon are serving you the hassle. Affiliate marketing is highly recommended to specialize in a particular product;this is because once your business is big and audience think of an product:and is the same product you have they will easily pick you because you would be meeting audience expectations.
Advertising- we're in a modern world where pretty much we do:we have to get paid! Yes of course, everything cost 💷💰 (money) these days, it's money :money everywhere you go, ain't it?. I f you had taken time and time building your social media;and you've just about enough to draw attentions of other audience to advertise their business through your social media; charging them a fee would be a good start. Do this and invest back the money in the social media and create a stronger content to attract more 👪 👥 (followers) and;by doing so you are getting big by big;that is what we call the bottom line of the social media empire.
Sell your own products-selling your own products on social media has been seen as easy way to make money, as you work at your own pace;but with the risk of high competition;if you have similar products or service to others on the platform, and on this case it's highly advised that your products should be of high quality to reach customer expectation.A lot can be done to promote the products from such things such as tags and @ buttons can help the products discovered in the social media.
E-Commerce- on social media you can easily link your E-commerce to your social media sites. IF you have products that are liked by aged group of 19-35;and then in this situation l suggest you choose Instagram:and you will definitely send audience to your website (E-COMMERCE) because of this age group is highly active on this platform;actively looking to buy.Once you have developed your account to business account the next thing is to link your E-commerce to the social media then choose your best products to be displayed on Instagram and tag them ;and literally when you post a post then you will tag your products on your social media content.But E-commerce can be linked to Facebook the social media giant and by doing so you have the opportunity to reach global because Facebook is the giant of all them;and it is used by everyone including 3rd world countries. Facebook has nearly about 2 billion active users a day. And remember these are active users not 👥 (users) ;the figure shows how Facebook is growing everyday.
Social Media Manager- having idea on how to run your own social media is key to starting a job as social media manager, well most of the things get better with practice. Start by looking into some celebrities or business people you can manage their accounts;try to secure the deal by getting a contract to manage their accounts. If you have been accepted;and one of these people are happy with your managerial skills; they can easily refer your business to everyone they know;and soon you be over flooded with jobs and probably employ someone to help you.
Groups- create a group on social media;but creating one takes time however it might depend with the content you will go for, groups have been seen charging people from as little as $20 per post this is because they target the right audience and easily make post go viral. If you're an artist trying to make it to music:this is another way to get yourself in the public eye. So creating a group and build the audience is a key here. Then once your group is blossom you can charge whatever how much you want;and also have a chance to catch brand eye.
Agencies- on social media there are a lot of agencies with different preferences of content to look or they want their creators to have or sent them. Some agencies might don't want you to have less 10 000 followers to start working for them and some might accept as little as 1000 but might also not like the use of hashtags you might have used to earn the followers. And some might not even ask for the non above all they need from you is to follow their instructions in creating a content and sent it to them for approval and you get paid depending on the post, but also bare in my mind in this situation you have to have a little capital of cash as you will be buying products to create a content for example you might have to seat in the pub with particular brand and do the most humorous video or picture depending on the content and on this situation most of content requires you to be certain age. Signing up for some agencies that are hired by the brands is really difficult to get approved;your account need to have a quite amount of followers and some might not require content captioned with tags as they take it as attention seeking post and prefer organic followers instead.
There's so many ways of making money (💷💰) with social media; make sure you have the right plan, not dodge and also remember scums are also making money with social media, don't find yourself trapped under their sides, because what they do now is post attractive, posh, fancy stuff and loads of cash to attract people:that they are literally making 💰 (money) so that you fall for everything they offer;then they chop your money! For an example someone might add you and like your content;on their account they would have content of fancy cars, plus also their pictures leaving luxury life, they may ask you if you want to make money the same way they are making 💷💰 (money), they guarantee you to make double than you will going to send them! And once the money is sent then the scum person vanish. Well if you didn't know it's the time to wake and smell the coffee because everyone is trying to make money at home through social media.
Let's all make money and stay away from things that would hate our professional image, l have outlined different types of ways of making money with social media and remember l have given a lot of on social media agencies so it is up to you to choose the right path to kick start your career on social media, l also have stated good enough points on how to make money with E-commerce; it is clearly that you need understanding of basic lT and some capital before start and you will be looking not to make money straight away until you have make your shop popular.Affiliate marketing on social media doesn't require any capital to start but the use of word of mouth is highly recommended as it's not easy to land the first sell ; once you've landed your first sale and the customer receive they can literally refer your products to other and so on and so on.






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